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Death Do Us Art's Privacy Policy

DDUA respects your privacy and your rights! Your privacy is super important to us, so we have put together a privacy policy to give you all the info you need about what information we collect and how we use it.

If you have any questions regarding how we collect and use your information on this site please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Our Principles



We have a simple approach to data protection and privacy which adheres to the 13 Australian Privacy Principles.


Our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act):


• This privacy policy sets out how we comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act. As an Australian based organisation, we are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act which regulate how organisations may collect, use, disclose and store personal information, and how individuals may access and correct personal information held about them.


• In this privacy policy, 'personal information' has the same meaning as defined by section 6 of the Privacy Act: information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.


Please read this privacy policy carefully, because by using our site you are consenting to the collection, storage and use of your personal information. If for any reason you do not agree with the terms set our in our privacy policy, please do not use our site.

Please know though that we will only be collecting and using your personal information where necessary to assist with your shopping experience, or to answer any direct enquiries you have made. 




We collect your personal information so that we can provide you with the products, services or information that we supply. 


What we collect from you

Credit card payments including PayPal

If you make a credit card payment on our website please be aware that in some instances your credit card details may be made fully available to us so that we can process your payment. You can rest assured that we do not keep hold of your credit card information once the payment has gone through.

If you pay on our website through a payment service such as PayPal, then we will only receive basic information and confirmation of payment. We will not have any access to your credit card details as these are handled by PayPal or another 3rd party payment provider inline with their terms of use.


User contact forms and online chat

When you fill out a contact form wishing to get in touch with us, or choose to use our online chat service, we will collect that information and use it to get in touch with you in response to your query. We may use the information to reach out to you to inform you of some of the services we provide, provided it is in line with your original query.


Mailing list

If you sign up to one of our mailing lists, this means that you have opted-in and have consented to us sending you emails relating to what we do and provide as a company. Don't worry, we won't spam you. ( We rarely send out marketing emails) and we send all emails as per the guidelines set out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. You can read more about this in the direct marketing section of this privacy policy.

You are free to unsubscribe from any/all marketing emails at any time by changing  your email subscription preferences.


When you create an account with us

When you sign up to our website using your personal details, we will collect this personal information so that your user preferences are stored when you come back and login.


Contacting Support

If you contact us for any technical, product or other website related support, we may retain that information on record so as to process your request.


What we collect from your online activity uses cookies and other digital identifiers that fall into the following 3 types:

• Site performance indicators: these give us information on how our websites are used, so that we can make the necessary improvements or amendments to make your experience a better one.

• Analytics Cookies: these give us the statistics to understand how many people are on our website, which areas are popular and which areas we need to work on.

• Advertising Cookies: we use these cookies to understand what type of advertising would be better suited to someone like you. That way, you would receive ads that are more likely to be relevant to you.

Cookie rights: You can always disable the use of cookies by changing the security settings of your browser. Just bear in mind that this may affect how some items are displayed on our website.


What we collect and receive from others

We may also collect personal information from other companies that are able to disclose it to us as this information is received in line with their privacy policies.

• Social Network widgets and buttons (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  etc).  By clicking or using any social network widgets on our website, you acknowledge and understand that you do so according to the terms and privacy policy of those services. 'Liking' or 'Following', and content using these widgets, may become visible to your social network.



Use and Disclosure

We only use personal information for the purpose which was requested of us, or for the purposes which directly relate to one of our functions or activities. We will not provide your personal information to other entities or bodies, or any other party unless one of the following applies (as per and in line with APP 6 - use and disclosure of personal information):

• You have consented

• You would reasonably expect, or have been informed, that information of such kind would be passed on to those individuals, entities or bodies (for more information, see subclause 6.2)

• It is otherwise required or authorised by law, or reasonably necessary for the enforcement of a criminal law or of a law imposing a pecuniary penalty, or for the protection of public revenue

• It may prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health.


Direct Marketing

We rarely send out digital marketing emails, and we know that no-one likes spam so we only send the super important and exciting things we think you’ll love. 

Opt-out: As with all direct marketing correspondence that you receive from us via email, there is always an unsubscribe button or link located at the bottom of the email. With this you can manage which messages you receive from us.


Quality of Personal Information

We do what we can to keep your personal information up to date and accurate at all times as this allows us to deliver a better service to you. If any information we have for you needs to be corrected, p contact us via


Data Security and Protection

We actively protect the personal information we hold against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, and against other misuse in the way of password protection for all of our IT systems. While we cannot share with you details of our entire security system for safety reasons, if you have any questions, you can always contact us at

When no longer required or requested by you, all personal information is destroyed in a secure manner.


Access and Correction to Your Details and Personal Information.

At Death Do Us Art, we do everything we can to keep your personal information accurate. If you find that any information we hold about you is incorrect, please give us a yell at, or as per the contact details below and we will endeavour to assist you with your questions. Please bear in mind that under Australian privacy laws, there may be situations where we cannot provide access to such personal information. For instance, if it would reasonably affect someone else’s privacy or may pose a threat to someone’s life, health or safety.

For any personal information that is collected by third parties, even when you are visiting our website, it is best to view their privacy policy and seek assistance from those parties directly.


Collection of Data from Children

The privacy of children is super important for us and this site is not intended for use by children and users under 18 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or intend to collect personal information from anyone who is under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you should not provide any personal information to us, and should only use this site under the guidance of a parent or guardian.

Complaints Handling

If you have any complaints or feel that there has been a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered APP code, you can contact us at

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

Changes to our policy


We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time as necessary to protect our users and to comply with changes in the law, technology and market practice. We recommend that you check the Privacy Policy when you visit the Website to be sure that you are aware of and understand our current policy. 


How to Contact Us

We understand that your personal information is important to you. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or our practices you can get in touch with us via email  below.


Or by using the contact form on our website.

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