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Death Do Us Art kicked off in 2016 selling original artwork and a range of limited edition, screen-printed merch.

We have a burning desire from deep within to make art and are influenced by a range of styles, but mainly lowbrow surf art and retro steez. Thats what really gets our juices flowin.

In 2018 we launched a little shop here in Port Macquarie, where we sold our wares, ran regular art exhibitions and did our other passion at that time - tattooing.

2020 has seen us take a new direction,  and although we are no longer tattooing we still live to create. Along with our merch we are now offering design services, tailored to suit whatever you need. Check out our Design Services Page for more info.

We also proudly work for BlackDog Ink, screenprinting extraordinaires and all round legends.

We are always striving to deliver fresh designs and quality gear to all our amazing people. 

Thank you for supporting local artists like us!

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